Campaign Issues

Based on meetings with constituents across Colorado Congressional District 4, the following issues were identified as the most important. Women's Rights, Healthcare, Education, National Security, Veteran's Needs, National Security, Environmental Conservation, Jobs and Economy, Social Issues, and National Debt need to be addressed at the national level in Washington, D.C. 

Campaign Issues: Education

Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSThe high school dropout rate in Colorado is unacceptable.

According to Chalkbeat which is an independent nonprofit news organization telling the story of education in America, in 2015 21.2% percent of Colorado's grade 7 through 12 students dropped out of school. In 2016, this number only inched up to 19.7%. 



To address this key issue, we need:

  • ongoing teacher training requirements supported by district funded CEUs/university/college credit courses
  • support for new teachers through Master Teacher mentoring programs
  • feedback to teachers/parents/school board via teacher and student assessments
  • ongoing training and support for parents/students


Campaign Issues: Women's Rights

Women need access to equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and support for families so that we as a nation and state can minimize the number of families headed by women living in poverty.

I am pro-choice and support the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade, which protects a woman’s right to choose. I believe that abortions should be rare and safe, and that it should be a decision made between a woman, her family, and her doctor, based on her own personal beliefs and faith. Trump has taken this choice away from women by planning to defund Planned Parenthood.

To address this issue we need:

  • family planning options which women themselves control, not directives determined by insurance companies
  • Amendment 67 repealed, since it goes too far and would ban all abortions and restrict access to all forms of contraception
  • On the job training and apprenticeship programs with government subsidized tax credits to employers which would result in women gaining greater earning power and the ability to support themselves and their families
  • Equal pay for equal work, and penalties levied on employers who do not comply


Campaign Issues: Healthcare

In protecting your healthcare, never before in our nation’s history has the Administration and Congress offered a healthcare reform bill that increases the number of uninsured people. The current bill takes away critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions, leads to exorbitant premiums for older Coloradans, and puts Medicare into bankruptcy.

I will fight to veto Trump’s healthcare bill, as it currently stands. We need to recognize what works in healthcare, fix what doesn't’t work, and seek to reduce healthcare costs for all Americans.

To address this issue we need:

  • Wellness care and routine preventative medicine tests with a focus on maintaining good health rather than treating an illness
  • Preventive care reduces costs and saves lives; by addressing health concerns early, treatments are more cost effective for everyone, including the insurance companies
  • Planned Parenthood providing a variety of services including contraception
  • Basic health and wellness exams which are a right of all American citizens                                                            
  • Campaign Issues:  National Security



To promote national and international safety, we need to strengthen our policies on immigration background checks, criminal activity monitoring and reporting, and upgrade all public surveillance cameras so that facial recognition capabilities are enhanced to aid in apprehension of criminals by all agencies concerned. We also need a stronger military surveillance system of possible terrorist threats, without racial/religious profiling. 

To address this issue we need to:

  • Strengthen background checks
  • Tie up dangerous loop holes in our current laws
  • Ban sale of assault weapons as well as large capacity ammo magazines to the public
  • Reform the USA Freedom Act of collection of telephone meta-data
  • Reform 4th Amendment “No probable cause” standard used to access meta-data, thereby putting an end to bulk collection which involves violation of innocent people’s constitutional rights.
  • Reform Administrative policies that currently weaken our economy and undermine our ability to promote equality, domestically and abroad
  • Increase military budgets and training, in the area of surveillance
Campaign Issues: Veterans Need




Washington, DC is in dire need of revamping the broken Veteran's Administration. 

To address this issue we need to:

  • Shorten time for securing disability status (currently one year or more)
  • Shorten wait time for emergency services and medical appointments
  • Shorten processing time for claims and awards/reimbursements
  • Establish better healthcare overall
  • Contain costs for building new hospitals and facilities
  • Open more facilities in rural America and improve reimburse travel expense system
Campaign Issues: Environmental Conservation




I will support locally enacted Fracking limits, especially no fracking facilities closer than 2,500 feet from school properties and any other occupied structures. We, as a community, need to slow down oil and gas development. A great example is the recent Firestone fire which resulted in two fatalities. I strongly believe in conservation of our natural heritage, public land, and waterways. I oppose drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Coastal areas. I believe in the next five years we should have enough renewable energy to power every home in America, if we start using more solar panels, wind, and other clean energy resources.

To address this issue we need to:

  • Promote Energy Star technology and new emerging environmentally-friendly products.
  • Support locally enacted Fracking limits, especially no fracking facilities closer than 2,500 feet from school properties and any other occupied structures.
  • Promote public transportation to reduce emissions and road congestion, i.e. the EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide.
  • Conserve our natural heritage, public land and waterways.
  • Oppose drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Coastal areas.
  • Reform fossil fuel leasing on our public lands.
  • Stronger safety standards for the design of off-shore drilling.
  • Reform implementation of International Oil Spill treaties and place more control in the hands of the United States.
Campaign Issues: Jobs and Economy




I will support a strong state and national economy. Farmers need a fair price for their crops and products. Our private sector, not our government, is the engine of our economic growth and job creation. We need to ensure that all new jobs created stay in America. 

To address this issue we need to:

  • Cut and reform taxes on working families
  • Invest in clean energy technologies which creates jobs and helps small businesses and homeowners thereby strengthening consumer protection.
  • Raise incomes and restore economic security for the middle class and help more workers share in near record corporate profits.
  • Big Business needs to create jobs that stay in America by giving them tax cuts, tax breaks, and credits.
  • Reform Capital Contracting Rules that ensure tax payer dollars don’t go to companies that break our basic labor laws.


Campaign Issue: Social Issues




As a Psychotherapist, I have counseled couples of gay marriages with no prejudice. It is a Human Rights Issue that both government and state should work together instead of working at opposite ends.

To address this issue we need to:

  • Support the LBGT
  • Support Gay marriage, minimize prejudice against them
  • Ongoing training in schools for teachers, staff, parents and students on LBGT issues
  • Acknowledge people have the right to choose their life partners.








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